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Going Home - Book 4
by Chaya Benady

~ Available in Paperback ~


Newly divorced Jewish lawyer Yigal Cohen visits a fertility center in Boston and is shocked to learn that he does not have one or two more children... but TEN!

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From Shulamit's Piece of Mind...

“I’m taking a vacation.” Yigal lifted his own folders and sighed. “In a psych ward.”
,br> The men turned with the sound of quick footsteps and Shulamit appeared to look at Isaiah and use sign language for a rebuttal, smiling.

“Ha! Okay, Daddy, she says there’s a very good one with a five-star rating not too far from here.”

Slowly, as he sensed the growing jests against him echo in the circle around the table. Yigal turned to face her squarely, tongue in cheek. “Does it require reservations?”

She shrugged with a potato and peeler in hand and returned to her task by the sink.

Book 5 - How to Rope a Mensch

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