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Hawkman - Book 12
by Betty Sullivan La Pierre

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George and Maggie Hampton had three friends who died untimely deaths at Morning Glory Haven, a facility for the elderly and Hawkman is commissioned to look into this suspicious murder.  Hawkman was skeptical at first, but soon discovers murder does not normally happen in an old folk’s home.

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From Shadows in the Night...

   The old codger sat on one of the lower steps, so Hawkman leaned against the hand rail and studied his face. “What’s your name?”
   “George Hampton.”
   Hawkman held out his hand. “Pleasure meeting you, Mr. Hampton.”
   After they shook, he looked up at Hawkman with sparkling, yet faded blue eyes. “Let’s not start that formal stuff; call me George. I know you as Hawkman.” He raised the mug, took a sip of the hot liquid and continued. “Granted, it’s your nickname. Your real tag is Tom Casey, but I like Hawkman better, so that’s what I intend to call ya.” He pointed to the sign at the top of the stairs. “I’ve kept my eye on you ever since you came into this town and hung your shingle above the doughnut shop.”

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