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Phantoms of Hollywood  - Book 1

by J.S. Bradford


Kit FitzSimons, a talented Hollywood script editor, discovers disturbing revelations about the Spanish Civil War buried within the pages of a screenplay she has been asked to review. When Kit finishes her edit, she goes out on a limb and boldly argues in favor of producing a film of the story only to end up becoming the target of a vicious backlash.

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More About Secrets of the Boulevard...

When Kit FitzSimons, a script editor with Preservation Films, begins working on a screenplay about the Spanish Civil War, she quickly learns that there are those in Hollywood who would prefer that the story never hit the Big Screen. Things turn ugly when a nasty lawyer shows up at the studio threatening litigation and demanding the surrender of all rights to the screenplay. Then Kit discovers that a Russian spy is monitoring every word she writes. If that's not bad enough, she's informed that the studio will cancel plans to produce the film if she doesn't make major changes to the script. Is Kit's career about to suffer a surprise ending? Or will she endure all the torrid plot twists in her path and help produce a film that will captivate all those who view it?

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