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Samantha Matijevic Chronicles - Book 1
by S.K. Smith



The volatile 1960s find thirteen year-old Samantha in a small town in rural Montana, groping her way into her future as America is doing likewise. 

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From Samantha at the Crossroads...

   Sam and Tim dumped the grocery bags on the table, leaving the kitchen to Mother and Debbie. As Debbie complained to Mother about her miserable life as a teenager, Sam hustled Tim to the front door.
   "Where is this secret place?" Sam whispered as they slipped outside.
   "Somewhere in the hills beyond Big Sioux," Tim nodded to the northwest.
   "I'd like to find this place, now." Sam looked up at Big Sioux Boulder and noted it getting close to evening. She sighed, dismissing her hopes. "But I can't. Dad will be home soon. Then after supper, there's dishes. Then it'll be dark, and it will be too late."
   "But there's tomorrow—" Tim couldn't tell her all that was in his heart. Not yet.

Book 2 - The Colter Church Conspiracy

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