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Broken Covenant - Book 2
by J.S. Bradford


When a grave robber offers to sell the bones of legendary Chief Crazy Horse to the highest bidder, Xavier DuBois, veteran Homeland Security Investigator, steps in to make a bid of his own. Sensing what is at stake, Xavier takes on the "big case" that he  hopes will establish his reptuation only to face unforeseen obstacles that may destroy his career.

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From Relics of the Covenant...

   “So you’re a professional looter, is that it?” asked Swoops quietly.
   “Naw, man, don’t be doing me like that,” Woody groaned. “I salvage abandoned property. When I say I find things, I’m talking about finding them in the socially interactive environments where these things are transacted. Well, mostly anyway. It’s all perfectly legit. I mean if you go to Santa Fe or Taos, you can buy and sell virtually anything you want—long as you can establish a credible provenance.”
   “So, you like set up your Winnebago at flea markets and gun shows and places like that and barter Indian artifacts?” asked Clare.
   Everyone got a chuckle out of that.
   “Ah, well, flea markets would be a stretch for the quality of the items I’m dealing in,” Woody said. “I’m primarily working with established dealers and clients who already have a keen appreciation for quality and value.”
   “How’s that working out for you?” asked Deacon. “You find the Holy Grail yet?”

Book 3 - Curse of the Covenant

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