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by Irene Woodbury

~ Available in Paperback ~

While being stalked by a toxically jealous ex-boyfriend, a Las Vegas showgirl learns her
real father was the victim of a drive-by shooting. Did her ex pull the trigger? Were the bullets
really meant for her new boyfriend? Fasten
your seatbelts… POP-OUT GIRL has plenty
of twists  and turns.

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From Pop-Out Girl...

   In the balmy desert stillness, the trio made an impressive sight, brimming with beauty and brio as they sauntered into Piero’s, a cushy old mob joint down on Paradise Road. Over heaping platters of pasta and rigatoni, they checked out the movie stills from Casino and the photos of grizzled mobsters and their glamorous molls adorning the rich burgundy walls. The conversation flowed as easily as the vintage Cabernet. Their euphoria was still ongoing hours later when they ambled back out into the inky darkness.
   It was just after eleven on a quiet weekday in Vegas, the kind of slow-motion night when even the craps tables cool down. When they reached their rented BMW in the parking lot, they paused for an instant while Matt checked his phone. Suddenly, the desert calm was shattered by a deafening series of rapid pops, like firecrackers gone wild. Colton’s head jerked back toward Matt. He was horrified by what he saw. His boss had been shot at least twice. There was a gaping wound near his shoulder and another lower down. He was lying on the ground writhing in pain, with blood oozing from his back and forming tiny rivulets in the asphalt. Jen forced herself to look down at Matt and screamed. Colton quickly grabbed her arm and pulled her to the other side of the car and onto the ground.

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