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Book 4
by Dana Davis

~ Available in Paperback ~

While Bridgette worries about the darkness she senses in an old friend, Daisy struggles with her new medium powers and the knowledge that she let a murderous spirit loose on the living world.

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From Desert Magick: Phoenix Lights...

   Daisy and Noah turned just in time to see a ball of light move toward them from one of the nearby peaks. It pulsated as it traveled at an amazing speed. Straight at Daisy. She yelped, and she and Noah both ducked as it flew past. Just as she stood and turned to see where it had gone, the thing came at her again. She backpedaled and lost her footing, landing hard on the rocky ground.
   “Damnit. That hurt. I don’t think he wants to help me.” And I’m so not in the mood to fall off a mountain tonight. Noah helped her up and she dusted her throbbing hands on her jeans. The orb made another pass at her but she stayed on her feet this time. Barely. “Scarlet, do something!”
   The medium stepped next to Daisy as the orb started toward her again. Daisy was about to duck out of the way, but the orb stopped abruptly about a foot in front of them. It flickered like a flame in a breeze. Before Daisy could move, the orb streaked toward her, slamming into her chest. She doubled over and cried out from the pain.

Book 5: Desert Magick: Haboob

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