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The Untold Story of History's First Flight
by Richard Kigel

 ~ Available in Paperback ~

Blending fiction and history, science and fantasy, ON THE WINGS OF THE WIND is a whimsical, high-spirited adventure through the darkest corners of our American past, a celebration of ingenuity, perseverance and courage in the face of the most brutal oppression... a glorious triumph of the human spirit.

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From On the Wings of the Wind...

   “T-minus twenty seconds and counting.”
   The voice from Mission Control calmly announces the start of a remarkable journey.
   “T-minus fifteen seconds. T-minus ten. Nine. Eight seconds. It’s a go. Engine ignition.”
   Strapped in their seats on the space shuttle Endeavor, the seven crew members look out the window to see nothing but a flash of orange flame. Their cabin shakes with a deafening roar so powerful houses shudder miles away. Birds fall dead from the sheer sound.
   The orbiter and its giant fuel tanks are smothered in a blanket of white smoke. The temperature on the launch pad soars to 6,000 degrees. Five million pounds of thrust pushes the astronauts violently back in their seats.
   “We have lift-off,” says Mission Control.

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