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The Legend of the Angel Oak
by Rhonda Edwards


Found on the beach by a Native American woman, a little acorn begins its journey to becoming a 1500 year-old live oak tree.  Sharing its bounty with nature and sheltering the generations of humans as time passes, the life cycle of this particular acorn is revealed.

From One Acorn's Journey...

   The acorn lay on the shore of the beach among the wave-washed clamshells. It looked misplaced among the washed-up seaweed and broken conch shells. As it lay on its sandy bed, instinct told the acorn that this was not the right place for it to bury itself and begin the ritual of life. As these thoughts rushed through its mind, a sea gull swooped down from the cloudless sky and began circling overhead.
   At first, the circling sea gull paid the acorn no attention. As the sea gull flew closer to the shore, its piercing eyes spied the acorn. Giving a loud screech, the gull landed close by the acorn and waddled over to investigate.
   Surrounded now by dying seaweed which had been washed ashore from deep ocean currents, the acorn hoped that it was hidden.

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