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Hawkman - Book 11
by Betty Sullivan La Pierre

 ~ Available at Amazon KDP ~

While investigating the case of missing teenager Sarah Willis, Hawkman and his wife discovered secrets of a cheerleader who went on a rampage at school while in a jealous rage over her boyfriend. 



From The Lure of the Witch...

   “Why are you interested?”
   “Her father called me today. I think he wants to hire me to find his daughter. Said the police weren’t doing their job. I dropped by the station and talked with Williams, he gave me the initial report which had the parent’s addresses listed. Coming home I swung by their apartments and they live in respectable neighborhoods. So the girl does have a decent place to stay.”
   Jennifer leaned on the kitchen counter. “Kids don’t think on those terms. Anyway, I have a feeling the police can’t afford to go running around trying to find some sassy teenager, who probably ran off with a boy or is staying at a girlfriend’s house.”
   “You sound like Detective Williams. Oh, by the way, he offered me a job today.”
   Her mouth dropped open and she stood up straight. “What!”
   “They’ve lost a couple of men and are shorthanded.”
   “I hope you told him you weren’t interested.”

Book 12 - Shadows in the Night




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