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by Vince Nolan


Ramses El Djinn is a genie who falls in love with his master. But when he tells his bride what he is, he’s surprised to find out that she’s a witch. Neither of their fathers is happy with this mixed marriage. Can their love survive? Can wishes make things better…or worse?

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From Love Happens...

Ramses El Djinn, prince of all the genies, is ordered by his father to find a master and fulfill his destiny. In present-day Philadelphia, he finds both his master and wife. But when the prince reveals his true nature to his bride, she's surprised but not shocked, and why should she be? After all, she’s a witch! Neither of their fathers is happy with this magical mixed marriage. The patriarchs set aside their ancient animosity to join forces and break up the couple. Easy enough for the pair to fight...if their fathers didn’t already have them fighting each other. Can their love survive? Will wishes make things better?


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