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by Joe Freitus



A single flight was the beginning of one amphibian  aircraft’s harrowing escape from China to Australia during the war of 1942.

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From Last Flight of the Goose...

   Barometric pressure is dropping,” Gabbi said.
   De Groot flew as though he was looking for something hidden in the black turmoil that roiled about like a hungry beast seeking a meal. The amphibian flew over the bumpy, rough air, rising and falling with the massive changes in air density. Rain drummed against the aluminum skin with the ferocity of a drummer beating wildly on a bass drum. De Groot did not bother to run the windshield wipers for fear the rain and ice would tear them off.
   “Better give me some heat on the windshield.”
   Together they struggled to hold the amphibian flying horizontally when they came up against the rollercoaster winds. “It’s just like flying the goose through the waves of the ocean,” he said.

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