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by William Wilde

~ Available in Paperback ~

Julia Bell spent years as a teen being held captive in a basement room. She's grown now, and free, but someone is menacing her all over again.

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From Julia's Room...

Julia bit her lip. “Why can’t I be left alone about what happened to me? It was so long ago and I just want it to be over for good. But it never is. Now somebody is sending horrible threats to me about my past. When will it ever stop?” Graham tensed at what she had just said. He stared at her. “What do you mean, somebody has been sending you threats?” For answer, Julia rose and went to a red maple secretary note desk in the corner. She took some papers from a drawer and brought them to Graham, then returned to huddle on the sofa. Messages in big text font from a word processor were printed on the pages. Graham read the stark words in disbelief: YOU SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN LET OUT OF THAT ROOM YOU NEED TO BE LOCKED UP AGAIN I KNOW WHAT YOU’RE HIDING Graham swallowed. He looked back up at Julia’s taut face. “This is sick stuff. Where did these come from?”

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