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A Phil Allman, P.I. Novel
The Search for Elvis Presley's Twin
Book 1
2nd Edition

by Brett Wallach

~ Available in Paperback! ~

As much of the world knows, Elivs Aron Presley was born on January 8, 1935. Also born that day was Jesse Garon Presley, Elvis' twin. The world has believed that Jesse Garon was born dead. Until now...

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From Jesse Garon...

   Our waitress brought our drinks. Mr. Downes ignored his, but I savored mine. Downes drew a breath, clearly trying to read my still impassive countenance before he continued. “When Mrs. Presley betrayed her disgust with the very notion, Dr. Josephs commiserated with her, suggesting that it might just be better for the Presleys to have one child, with a nice nest egg to boot, than attempt raising two children born into poverty. He began to win her over. When Mrs. Presley expressed her concern for Vernon’s reaction to all this, not to mention that of the law and the community, Dr. J insisted that only the two of them would ever know about it. He’d contrive a foolproof story of a stillborn birth, and that would be that.
   “Dr. Josephs had done his legwork even before Gladys came into his office that day. He informed Mrs. Presley that a trust fund of five thousand dollars would be set aside for the baby she chose to keep. Mrs. Presley expressed concern about her other baby’s future, but the doctor assured her that a well-off, educated and very nice couple from Philadelphia would be raising the child.”
   My jaw had already hit the battered bar. “So Jesse Garon Presley didn’t die on January 8th, 1935?”
   “No, Mr. Allman. And we strongly believe that he is still alive, probably still in the Philadelphia area.”

Book 2 - And I Love Her

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