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by Nancy S. Mure
Illustrations by Katelin Keene

~ Available in Paperback ~

IRREGULAR JOE is a story about being unique in a family where everyone is named Joe in some form. The story cleverly uses homonyms and humor to teach similarities and differences.

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From Irregular Joe...

   On the way home, Young Joe and his mother, Josette saw a huge sign outside the local superstore: ALL IRREGULAR ITEMS HALF PRICE. They went inside.
   As they shopped, Young Joe looked at his mother curiously and asked, “What’s an irregular item?”
   She said, “Irregular can mean many things, but generally it means not regular.”
   Joe blurted, “I’m a regular Joe, aren’t I?”
   Josette stopped what she was doing and studied her only boy. She touseled his hair and kissed his forehead. “You are my son and you are no regular Joe.”
   Young Joe explained. “Our entire family is named Joe and now there is a new baby, and his name will be Joe, too. I don’t want to be a regular Joe.”
   “What would you like to be?” asked Josette.      “Irregular,” Joe said sheepishly.
   Josette giggled. “Why would you want to be irregular?”
   “So that I’m no longer a regular Joe,” he answered as he looked down at his shoes.

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