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In the Shadow of Sin
by Margaret Marr


A Harley Davidson-riding ex-preacher joins forces with a local American Indian and a pretty bartender to fight an evil force taking over their town.

From In the Shadow of Sin...

  One thing hadn’t changed. The church benches were still as hard and cold as a tombstone in the dead of winter. Kirk shifted, attempting to get comfortable, but without much luck.
  When he looked up at Reverend Thackery, his breath caught in his throat. Is this the same man? It couldn’t be. The man who stood behind the pulpit looked as if he’d shrunk a few inches in height and grown them on his upper back. Stooped and broken came to mind. His hair was no longer white, but more the color of snow after it had lain around on the ground for a few days. A voice that used to resonate off the stainless glass windows now cracked with age. Holy words barely pushed through hollow cheeks and thin lips.
  None of the occupants shouted in jubilation. Not one amen to be heard among the whole bunch. No peace here either.

  Together, with a Native American looking for a fountain of water blessed by an unknown prophet, Kirk and Lenora seek to take the town back from the devil and restore sanity to the population.

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