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by Stella Drexler


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From Hex Breaker...

   Rayne scowled and caught her arm, tugging her away from the other dancers.
   “Shouldn’t you be worrying about who is trying to kill me, rather than flirting with my cousin?”
   Quinn’s eyes ignited; she tilted her head back to glare up into his face. “Flirting? It is none of your business what I do or with whom, Devin Rayne!”
   “It is when I’m paying you!”
   Her lip curled. “You’re not yelling at Sho for seducing Cordelia.”
This has nothing to do with Sho!”
   “Fine! You’re the one who called us here so we could all meet up like old friends. If you don’t like the outcome, you should have been more specific about your expectations!”
   His sapphire eyes glittered angrily. “Is this specific enough? Stay away from Johnny and get to work.”
   She let out an outraged noise, yanking her arm from his grasp. “Gah! It’s no wonder someone’s trying to kill you!”

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