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Books 1 - 4
Including Book 5 - "Chill of the Night"
by Margaret Marr


All 4 Grave Keeper books together in one volume! Includes DARK OF THE MOON, RAGE AGAINST THE DYING LIGHT, LUCIFER IN STARLIGHT, FALSE MEMORIES... and CHILL OF THE NIGHT, a never-before published 5th book in the Series!

From Grave Keeper Series...

   A light cold breeze alerted her to the open window in her bedroom.
   No! She had closed that window. And locked it. Panic swelled, threatening to steal her rationality. For a moment she couldn’t think, couldn’t focus, as white-hot dread scalded her stomach.
   Stop it! He didn’t come through the window. It was locked and the glass hasn’t been broken. She didn’t want to grasp what that meant. Then how did he get in? Or, maybe, it was the monks.
   Shit! She eased off the bed and moved toward the window. On further inspection, she didn’t find a perfectly round hole cut near the top where he could reach in and unlock the window. Then how?
   She was afraid she knew the answer and it froze her to the bone. 

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