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by J.S. Bradford


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An inspirational mystery revolving around the seemingly inexplicable discovery of the Holy Grail in a rehabilitation clinic in downtown Los  Angeles.

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From Grail Tale...

   “Where did you learn the metal work? Trade school?”
   “Never been to school as you would know it,” Jackie replied.
   Doc Holliday nodded his head. “I see,” he said, glancing at Louis.
   “But you’ve, at least, had some musical training,” Louis offered helpfully.
   Jackie pointed at his ear. “Learned it all by ear.”
   Doc Holliday said, “Then you must be very talented because your trumpet looks like it would be difficult to play.”
   “Not so,” said Jackie, leaning in close. “It’s a magical horn. Plays like a dream, if you have the right touch. What’s really neat about it is the way it can heal people.”

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