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Phantoms of Hollywood  - Book 2

by J.S. Bradford

~ Available in Paperback ~

When a famous manuscript known as the "Lost Book" unexpectedly surfaces in Hollywood, it suddenly becomes the hottest "spec script" in town. Every studio wants a shot at production and it looks like Preservation Films just may have won the lottery… until a preview of events begins to unfold suggesting that the "Lost Book" may actually be an elaborate hoax.

From Ghosted Script...

  “Do you, by chance, believe in miracles?”
   Marion reached for a thinly bound manuscript on the library table and presented it to Louis. "What you have in your hands is Christopher Marlowe's unpublished 16th century manuscript otherwise known to Elizabethan historians as the 'Lost Book.' Take a look and tell me if you think it's a hook that will work for a screenplay adaption."
   Stunned, Louis cautiously accepted custody of the legendary document. The cover and the pages were stained and tainted by time and the elements but even more difficult to discern at first glance were the words and their meaning. Louis slowly turned the pages, no more than thirty in number, and managed to grasp a few sentences here and there but it was going to require considerable time and effort as well as a library of reference books to fully decipher and understand the text.
   "This is an incredible discovery, Marion. It must be worth a fortune. May I ask how you acquired it?"
   Marion sighed heavily. "Oh my gosh, that's a story straight out of hell… would you care to hear it?" ”

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