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A Phil Allman P.I. Novel
Book 4

by Brett Wallach


Felix Brigati, New Jersey rock legend, has been getting threatening, anonymous texts. He hires an old  acquaintance, Phil Allman, Philadelphia P.I., to safeguard him.  But that backfires when Phi holds Felix hostage himself.

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From Freeze Out...

   He wanted life to be better, not for just himself, but for us too! For me!    
   His background was just like mine. Shy, outsider kid from a working class home, with the standard sullen (abusive?) father and peacemaking mother. And from just up the road in coastal Jersey, about an hour and a half from my own working class home in lower Northeast Philly. with the sullen (abusive?) father and peacemaking mother.     ....
   Felix Brigati, though, I completely understood. As a teenager, I used to pose like he did on the cover of It’s Dark Outside the City wherever I went, but my petulant pout wasn’t as pretty as his. When his stardom and fame grew from being mostly a regional wunderkind to attaining national and then international superstardom, I felt like he was somehow being taken away from me. I was proud that my boy was appreciated by others, but it was like, hey, I saw him first! I felt like a jealous high school kid whose girl becomes head cheerleader and homecoming queen. And then watching him flirt with the entire civilized world, from my teen years to my middle-aged ones, was often more than I could take.

Book  5 - Susceptible

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