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by bf oswald

~ Available in Paperback ~

A catastrophic flood destroys a farm
that has been in the family for three  generations.  Follow the story of this family and the impact this flood has on the land and the wildlife that
live upon it.

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From Flood - A Saga...

   As the group approached the edge of the spreading water, they were joined by several snakes, white-footed deer mice, wood rats, and a bobcat, all temporarily allied by the common threat posed by the flood.
   Suddenly, the doe felt her front hooves begin to slide forward and down. The muddy water had filled and hidden one of the many depressions that pockmarked the terrain. Normally, most were dry, or held seasonal water, which dried up under the summer sun. This one was almost four feet deep and several yards across.
   The doe tried to back up, but too late, her hind hooves were already on the slope and she rapidly slid into water up to her withers. When she reached the bottom of the pit, she turned around and tried to climb out. But her hooves kept slipping on the black, slimy mud and she soon tired. Her fawn followed her into the deep water and almost immediately sunk out of sight. The doe continued her struggle until she became exhausted then followed her fawn under the cold muddy water.
   The flood had claimed two more victims.

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