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by bf oswald

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Why do some very intelligent women make such poor choices when it comes to romance? And  how do they become embroiled in devious plots not of their making? Rea Parker knows. She’s been there, done that. FIVE WOMEN IN BLACK is her story.

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From Five Women in Black...

   “Sometimes I just don’t understand you.” Sam said harshly, glaring at Cassie.
   “You don’t need to!” she said curtly as she turned and walked away from the grave. She had only gone a few paces when she stopped and looked back over her shoulder at the couple. “Take good care of Daddy’s little girl,” she said bitterly before continuing down the hill to join Crystal. Sam held Sharon until she stopped crying. Then he gently took her hand and they walked slowly down the hill.
   From his shaded resting place, a sexton watched the last limousine drive away. As soon as it was out of sight he got up quickly and strode to the grave where he began pushing the dirt back into the hole with the side of his boot. When the urn was covered, he jumped up and down on spot until the loose soil was tightly packed. Finally satisfied with his work, he moved to his left and uncovered a black marble slab, which he wrestled into position over the freshly packed earth. A bronze dove in flight adorned the marker; it bore no inscription.

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