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by J. Michael Donovan

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Francis “Fat” Chance is a lawyer who is facing a crumbling marriage … and a mysterious someone who is threatening his life. And when he has an affair with a luscious film star who turns up dead, he has to use the justice system he swore to uphold to prove himself innocent.
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From Fat Chance Goes Hollywood...

Parting from Mabel’s clutches he grabbed the envelope and turned it over to see large crude lettering: ‘FAT’ that someone had written.

For some strange reason a chill came over him. He considered tossing it unopened into the trash, but finally opened it to find ample basis for his reluctance. Inside was a snippet from what appeared to be a newspaper article. As a lawyer he was wise enough not to touch it, only turned on his desk lamp in order to read without removing it. It turned out to be a simple obituary notice, cleverly produced. He knew right away that it was unreal, since it was about him!

Francis (Fat) Chance, Noted Attorney, on his Death Today from Mysterious Cause

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