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Book 4
by Margaret Marr

Grave Keeper Rush Bizner encounters ghosts, a monk-like entity, and a woman who desperately seeks to fill the gaps in her memory after a terrible accident.

From Grave Keeper: False Memories...

   When she reached the end of the mirror, she froze. Her heart kicked up a frenzied beat. The woman in the mirror did not look like her. She glanced at her reflection from the corner of her eye. A stranger stood on the other side as if through an open window and not a mirror. Any second she expected the other to move in another direction while she remained in the same spot. Chills rose and raced up and down her arms, across her shoulders and up into her hair.
   Ridiculous. Of course it’s your reflection. Who else’s would it be?
   She remained frozen, terrified out of her mind to look full in the mirror. Finally, she shuffled back a step, inched her hand toward the switch by the door, flipped it upward, and flooded the room with light.
   She slowly lifted her gaze to the mirror. A scream tore from her mouth, and she didn’t stop until the prick of a needle sent her into blessed oblivion.

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