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The Briefcase Man
by Lee Bumbicka

~ Available in Paperback ~


Criminologist Dexter Rains’ exposure to  a chemical weapon alters his brain chemistry, afflicting him with the ability to read minds. While on a train during sabbatical he makes eye contact with a murderer who has killed three people and is in league with a terrorist ... a mastermind  who is drawing plans against London. Now he must convince Scotland Yard that his abilities are real, and locate the shadowy leader known only as the Briefcase Man before it's too late.

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From Faces on a Train...

When the train stopped at South Kensington, a man in a dark shirt and pants boarded the car and stood at the exit, holding the upper hand rail. Rains looked up for a brief moment at the dark-haired, bearded individual. He found it curious that the man remained standing when there were more than enough seats. As he looked up, he inadvertently made eye contact with him. A chill ran down his spine as he instantly knew every dark secret the man carried. He had just murdered a man and dragged the body inside one of the tunnels. He had taken this train to get away and was on his way to Heathrow.

Rains buried his face in the train map and didn’t look up. His knees were shaking. He thought of getting off but envisioned the man following him. Then again, he did not know what time the trains stopped running, so he could not risk leaving to wait for the next one to arrive.

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