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Book 1 of the Hawkman Series
by Betty Sullivan La Pierre

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Dick Henderson is the double agent who killed Jim's wife. By a stroke of luck, Dick learns about Jim's new identity and begins his ruthless pursuit to get rid of his formal rival by sending in his hired guns. When that fails, he goes in himself, using Jennifer in his relentless desire to kill the Hawkman.

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From The Enemy Stalks...

The osprey immediately flew down and dipped above the helm as if leading the way. She followed him to Hawkman’s dock, where he circled overhead, squawking as she tied up the boat. His strange behavior made her uneasy. Had Hawkman left the injured birds alone and some predatory animal got into the house? She glanced about the boat, looking for some sort of weapon and picked up one of the oars, but decided that would be too awkward, so she opened her tackle box. The leather-sheathed filet knife happened to be the only thing in her gear that would serve the purpose, so she slipped it into her pocket and stepped onto the wooden dock. A feeling of dread shivered through her body, making her breath catch in her throat as she raced up the crooked dirt path toward Hawkman’s A-frame cabin. When she twisted around the corner of the porch to reach the steps, she stopped abruptly. Her screams rent the air.

Book 2 - Double Trouble

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