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Blood and Treasure Series - Book 1
by J.S. Bradford

Darla Angleton, an intrepid paralegal, sounds the alarm when she discovers that military veterans are being conned into investing in a fraudulent burial scheme. When the government fails to take action, Darla bravely resolves to do all that she can to help … she just doesn't know she may be digging her own grave.  

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From Don't Bury Us...

Veloy Vreeland squinted at Darla. One glance told him everything he needed to know. The young lady standing in front of him was a perky, high-energy brunette with a mischievous grin. He could see she was totally comfortable with herself and her surroundings. Plus, he got a kick out the way she wore her hair. Who did that remind him of? Yeah, Lois Lane – but he was thinking more like the 1950s version. He wondered if she had a concealed weapons permit? He loved women who packed heat. Talk about hot. And then there was the thing going on with her eyes. Turquois? Or more like aquamarine? Hey, what was there not to like? He set his cigar aside, gallantly rose to his feet, offered his hand and said, “You're hired.”

Book 2 - Don't Crucify Us 

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