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Book 3
by Dana Davis

~ Available in Paperback ~

Disturbing things are going on in the afterlife and Daisy is the unfortunate focus. The Day of the Dead becomes more than a holiday for this Arizona witch, and her new secret just might send her to an early grave.

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From Desert Magick: Day of the Dead...

   “Help me.” Barely a whisper.
   “What? Who’s there?”
   “Help me, Daisy.”
   The hairs on her arms and neck stood on end as she recognized the voice. “Mom? Mom, is that you?” She squinted in the darkness as the figure reached an arm toward her. The mouth moved but no words came out. “What’s wrong?” Her mother started to disappear. “Mom!” Daisy tried to move from the bed but hands stopped her. Invisible hands. She fought the hands, slapped at them, but they wouldn’t let her go after her mother. Angry, she prepared to use a trussing spell.
   “Daisy! Stop that! Wake up.”
   “Wha—huh?” She opened her eyes to see a dark figure leaning over her in bed. “You were having a nightmare again.”

Book 4 - Phoenix Lights

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