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Broken Covenant - Book 1
by J.S. Bradford



Deacon Tremont establishes a no-kill animal sanctuary in Utah that launches an undercover operation to expose a meat supplier before the conglomerate can take them down for protecting animal rights. 

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From Creatures of the Covenant...

   He had a dream, he explained. He had a property in mind that he was going to convert into a shelter for stray animals. It was abandoned property. Once upon a time it had been an old movie set where they filmed spaghetti westerns. Nobody wanted it because there was some kind of problem with back taxes.
   “We can live there for free,” Deacon told them.
   “Far out,” said Francis, chewing on the ends of his beard, contemplating the possibilities.
   “Will we all live together in peace and harmony?” Clare asked tentatively.
   “That's the whole idea,” Deacon assured her. “It’s going to be just like a commune in the 60’s.

Book 2 - Relics of the Covenant

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