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The Rememberances of Mary Magdalene

by Joanne Amorosi


Throughout time, many men and women have interpreted the Biblical portrayal of Mary Magdalene, and theorized about her relationship with Jesus. Now, in Come Walk with Me readers can learn the real story about the woman in red from the soul that experienced one of her incarnated lives as Mary Magdalene herself.

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More About Come Walk With Me...

Come Walk with Me tells the true story of Mary Magdalene as remembered by the soul that experienced one of her incarnated lives as the misunderstood woman in red. Like other books written about Mary Magdalene from men and women who have tried to interpret and theorize about her relationship with Jesus, this book shares hidden truths that are controversial. It is a story of how the author discovered and remembered her past life as Mary Magdalene, and how Mary’s life and lessons can help to heal broken hearts in a broken world. So, come walk in the footsteps of Mary and discover within your own heart what is so special about the Black Madonna known as Mary Magdalene.

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