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Book 2
by Alan J. Garner


A pride of giant prehistoric cats is mutated by an alien abductor and compelled to hunt the walking apes who are destined to evolve into humankind on the ancient East
African savannah. 

From Chosen Too...

Nervously pacing to and fro less than twenty yards from the approaching oldsters, the younger male stopped in his tracks. Following his instinctive urge to mate, he had been drawn in by the alluring scent given off by the local pride females announcing their readiness to accept advances from any amorous males in the area. Unfortunately for the clan-less youngster, that required him to oust the resident male in order to take over the harem. He warily eyed the oncoming defenders. They were no more than fifteen yards away and closing steadily. Baring his shorter fangs in a futile gesture of contempt, the nameless trespasser turned tail and bolted, making for the timberline signposting the relative safety of the woodland lying to the immediate north. The odds were stacked against him. He stood no chance fighting two adult males in their healthy prime. No naturally perfumed female, no matter how inviting, was worth dying for today. Maybe he would give it another try next year....

Book 3 - Three Times Chosen

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