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by Bertrand Jost


When at the turn of the 21st century the stocks of internet and telecom startups broke all records of reason and decency, the bankers of this tech bubble quickly grew detached from the realities of the world that eventually triggered the collapse of the global economy.

From Bubble Boys...

   Jerold nodded to Dewit and pointed his cup at him. “Your English is perfect. Aren’t you Belgian?” “Yes, but I grew up in England. Educated at Cambridge. My father was a diplomat,” he explained with a smile. “You seem to be the man for this job.”
   “What about you, American?”
   Jerold nodded. “I just transferred to the London office of ELS Capital.” Jerold had one hand in his pocket, while the other held a cup of water. His stance and tone demonstrated confidence. He couldn’t help playing a bit of the tough guy from New York about to show these natives how things were done on the other side of the pond, in the Mecca of finance. “The US telecom market has a few years’ lead,” Max Dewit said, “but we’re catching up fast.”
   “Indeed. Hungry investors from the other side of the Atlantic are now rushing over here, hoping to make twice as much as what they made last year. I have been here for only six days, and I can already tell that the European Telecom market is a cyclist on steroids,” Jerold said. “Yes,” Dewit confirmed, “and like the cyclist, it’d better not stop or it’ll fall....”

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