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Book 2
2nd ed

by Paula Bates

~ Now Available in Paperback ~

In the aftermath of the fall of Atlantis, High Priestess Tameri and High Priest Kahotep make their way to Khem (ancient Egypt) and reestablish their homeland and religious rituals in the  midst of an alien culture.

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From Atlantean Echoes...  

  “This is all so overwhelming. Look at this place, just the tile alone on the flooring of this balcony. And in the garden—do you hear that waterfall? It’s incredible. There are even monkeys out there. As for the opulence of our quarters, I think I could easily get lost in them. Did you see the murals and the sunken tub, and that furniture? My Goddess, each piece is exquisite. They’re treating us like royalty beyond anything we knew in Atlantis.”
   “It’s not royalty, Tameri, it’s divinity. We are gods to them. Remember, we have to accept these roles to keep the knowledge safe from the Sons of Darkness. Eventually, we hope we’ll be able to release our technology to the people of Khem, but for now it has to be couched as mysterious gifts from the divine.”
   “I do know this,” Tameri said. “But how do we accept their adoration and not let it affect us?
   “That’s the challenge, isn’t it?” he said with a half-smile.

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