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Vol. III
And the Blood Stone

by Stacy Thowe


Saved from Hell, Michael returns to his true love, Alexandria. Yet, the blood stone still calls out to him. Meanwhile, Governor Jack Mitchell works to win Alexandria’s love back, but his guardian angel has other plans. Tensions build as the police force is torn apart. All the while, Lilith races to replace Michael’s heart with the blood stone and attain his love.

From THE GUARDIANS: And the Blood Stone...

Micah let go of one of her arms, pulling her chin up to look at him as he spoke, “I know I am not him. I know I will never be, but I could make you forget. If only given the chance. Give it to me!”

Lilith looked at him as her eyes grew red. “You could never make me forget. You see…his heart beats, he breathes the air I long to share. He is better than both of us. I just wanted something good. For once in my life, once in my death, I wanted to know that good wanted me. But I am still left with only the likes of you.”

As the words left Lilith’s lips, her body succumbed to Micah’s will. Micah gathered her up in his arms as she stared off into the fiery inferno of the wall of fire, her eyes filling with the shadows of the flames.

“I will show you. You will be mine. You will be my queen. He does not deserve you.”

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